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Goimek acquires a new HERMLE C42U for the machining of aeroespace parts


With the acquisition of this new machine, Goimek strengthens its capabilities in 5-axis machining, as well as in total machining hours for parts in this sector, thus consolidating its position. This transaction is part of the strategic plan of the Itziar-based company, and comes in addition to the investments made in recent years, such as the 16-metre multifunction travelling column milling machine, the Zeiss three-dimensional solution and the SORALUCE PM 10000 milling machine acquired in 2021, among other equipment.


HERMLE C42U, A solution at the cutting edge of technology

The machine purchased by Goimek has a total of 5 axes, 3 of them on the X tool: 800 ; Y: 800 ; Z: 550mm and 2 on the swivelling circular table with 420mm chuck. It also has a measuring system with a resolution of 0.0001mm and an axes positioning and repeatability of 0.005mm, an automatic tool changer and a 92 tool magazine.

Its 15,000 rpm and 31 kW power head enables all kinds of materials to be worked in an optimal way. The robust architecture and high capacities of this machine make it possible to ensure the high accuracies required by customers for materials such as titanium, stainless steel, nickel alloys, etc.

The machine integrates the latest version of the Heidenhain iTN 640 control unit, an intelligent and intuitive interface with a fully digital control concept, where all components are connected to each other via purely digital interfaces.  This allows a high availability of the complete system, which is suitable for diagnostics and insensitive to interference from the main computer to the measuring device. The excellent properties of Heidenhain´s fully digital concept guarantee maximum precision and surface quality at high traverse speeds at the same time.

Goimek, more than 30 years providing services in the aerospace sector

Goimek has solid experience in advanced machining processes for highly demanding sectors such as aerospace, where it offers customised solutions adapted to the needs of each customer in materials such as titanium, aluminium, stainless steel, inconel, invar, among others, as well as technical and professional support in machining engineering. 

The company has participated in major projects such as Perseverance, Gaia, Solar Orbiter, MTG, Exomars and Juice, which, together with a team of highly qualified people, has enabled it to increase its competence in high added value solutions for a sector as demanding as the aerospace sector.


About Goimek

Goimek is a company that specialises in high-precision and large-scale machining, and offers comprehensive and specialised solutions to customers in the aerospace, machine tool, power generation and capital goods sectors among others. The company is part of the Danobatgroup and brings together all the needs of the supply chain of machined parts, from the purchase of raw material to the verification and certification of the machined parts.


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