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  • Goimek, the high-precision machining company, member of the Danobatgroup, is involved in the Juice mission to explore the largest planet in our solar system together with Sener Aerospace
  • Goimek has been commissioned to manufacture the main reflector of the medium gain antenna flight model or MGAMA, as well as its auxiliary elements, to secure both the thermal stability and the radio frequency performance of the aircraft
  • The JUICE space mission, whose main objective is to explore Jupiter and its three largest natural satellites - Ganymede, Callisto and Europa - set to be launched on Thursday 13 April
  • Goimek, a specialist in precision machining and part of the Danobatgroup, participates in the mission with a large number of parts with complex geometries made of demanding materials: titanium and stainless steel
  • The secret of its success lies in the ability to manage processes beyond the actual machining - from the supply chain through documentation up to pre-assembly validation
Goimek and Latz, companies belonging to the Danobatgroup industrial group, will exhibit their products at the leading trade fair in industrial innovation METALMADRID 2021 on November 17 and 18. The two-day fair is held every year and showcases the latest advances and innovations for the industry of…
  • The machining company of the Danobatgroup industrial group has recently acquired a state-of-the-art gantry machine with moving table from the manufacturer Soraluce
  • This acquisition forms part of the company´s commitment to meet the demands for manufacturing of parts for strategic industrial sectors such as power generation or capital goods
  • This operation has strengthened the ties between the companies that seek to step up their capabilities, diversify business areas and offer their customers high value-added solutions


Goimek participates in the conquest of Mars
  • The high-precision machining company, part of Danobatgroup, has collaborated in the development of one of the Perseverance explorer robot antenna, which arrived on the red planet on 18th February
  • Goimek was responsible for the manufacture of the structural parts of the mechanism that moves the HGAG antenna of the explorer robot, which allows direct two-way communication between the rover and Earth


Goimek´s five key points in precision machining solutions
  • Experience, adaptability, comprehensive responsiveness, machinery and the human element are key to answer the demanding requirements of the aerospace industry
  • The company, which is part of the Danobatgroup industrial group, provides a comprehensive service to clients: from technical cooperation, to precision machining, to warranty certification
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