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GOIMEK, more than 50 years

  • Committed to the customer
  • Focused on precision parts
  • Open to unique challenges
  • Processing complex challenges

We are a machining shop that offers integral solutions, we are specialised in guaranteeing quality, precision and service. We aim to satisfy our customers, and to meet their needs we use state-of-the-art technology and high precision, high output machines, complemented by the latest-generation verification resources, and of course comprehensive and constant training of all our staff.

When we offer total solutions, we are offering customers the possibility of integrating the full supply chain needs for machined parts requiring high quality and high precision.

The production plants are located in the Industrial Estate in Itziar-Deba and in the Industrial Estate Goitondo in Mallabia. The Itziar plant is specialised in serial and single part machining, whereas the Mallabia plant specialises in grinding and machining of complex geometries on demanding materials.

We are part of Danobatgroup, and belong to the MONDRAGON Corporation.

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