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Our values

We are a competitive and innovative cooperative that offers quality and precision machining services to the market, drawing on experience, knowledge and the ongoing improvement of our processes. We seek to generate the necessary wealth to be able to provide value-added employment and progress of society through the commitment of our employees and our cooperative identity


Following our values, we are moving forward to become a benchmark not only in precision machining and large machining operations, but also in sustainability.  This is clear to us, our unique way of being has shown us the way, and has enabled us to take firm steps in the incorporation of environmental, social and good governance (ESG) criteria into our strategy. All initiatives and action carried out in 2022 are included in the sustainability report of Danobatgroup, the industrial group to which we belong.

In this context, it should be noted that from the very early onset we have played an active role in our community, promoting and supporting initiatives and organisations that foster the economic and social development of the environment, as well as the Basque language and culture. More information about our social commitment and commitment to the Basque language can be found at this link on the Danobatgroup website.

Our values
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